Gallops are the band of the day

On the ball uber blog ‘A New Band A Day. com’ – where a new band is given kudos each day, … as suggested by the name, have heralded Gallops as THE band of this very day, hooray.

here’s a little snippet:

Listening to new music is often like Groundhog Day, except not as funny and with fewer Bill Murray-esque wearisome, crumpled faces. A refresher: remember when The Strokes were magma-hot? Remember the resultant glut of be-fringed, leather-jacketed copycat bands, and how they managed to drive the last wafts of enjoyment out of that scene’s tail?

Thus the clamour for actually new and exciting music becomes all the greater. Hello, then, Gallops, who fulfil these criteria and more, more, more.

Read the rest here:

Nice words no?! Whats more you can hear awesomely awesome new single Miami Spider on the site, bonus. (*Note ‘A New Band A Day also use the word awesome so in conclusion Gallops must indeed be awesome)

See Gallops live at Monster Truck at the Good Ship this coming Thursday 18th March.

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